Crooked teeth are a common problem for many children. It might be a lack of space that causes crowding in the mouth, but it could also be too much space. Your New York dentist recommends an orthodontic assessment around the age of seven or eight to correct dental problems early.

Does Space Matter With Baby Teeth?

When children’s teeth start coming in, they may have spaces between the teeth. Typically, these spaces close as more teeth come in. Space is a good thing, because it means that there may be room for larger teeth as the child ages. However, a mismatch between space for teeth and the jaw with size of the jaw can cause crowding, which leads to crooked teeth. An Upper East Side kids dentist can help assess problems early and get orthodontic treatment to ensure a beautiful smile and healthy teeth.

Young children may also influence the positioning of the teeth through thumb-sucking or using a pacifier. Although not every child who uses a pacifier or sucks their thumb will develop a dental problem, if it continues beyond the age of four, there is an increased risk of needing orthodontic treatment.

Get Early Dental Care

Kids need to have appointments with their dentist as early as possible to keep their smile looking its best. Make an appointment with Dr. Shiva Basir to create good habits that will last a lifetime.

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