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Making the world smile, one child at a time.

Expert Care

Dr. Shiva, “the Dental Diva,” and her team of experienced practitioners are dedicated to giving your child a beautiful, healthy smile. Our Upper East Side Kids Dentist team maximizes its top-notch education and finely honed skills to provide the virtuosic, gentle, and customized care your child deserves. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of pediatric dentistry, guaranteeing best practices and the latest technology, while maintaining an enjoyable and comfortable experience.

Tooth Fairy Philosophy

Preventative dental care is essential to avoid long-term oral health complications. Although we do both, we always prefer to provide foundational dental care rather than treat disease. At each exam, we visually inspect your child’s teeth and take several digital X-rays to look for problems early. Our team provides professional cleanings, fluoride treatments, sealants, flossing, and other dental services to ensure healthy teeth and gums for your patients. We also educate parents and children about establishing an oral healthcare routine at home.  We take the time to explain to children what each piece of dental equipment does so they don’t feel afraid when it comes time for us to use it. Parents can help us out by talking about how important it is for your child to care for his or her teeth and mouth at home. Take a positive approach to visiting the dentist and your child is likely to do the same. Between us, we can help remove the fear of an unfamiliar situation and gain your child’s cooperation.

Grin With Envy

The making of a perfect smile is a partnership between dentist, parent, and child. When we join forces, instead of it being a tooth-grinding experience, we can apply a grinning formula to make your child, yourself, and our world a happier, smiling place.

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