Although children eventually lose their baby teeth, it’s a healthy habit to start early on. Making brushing and flossing a part of their morning and bedtime routine will help them gain independence once they learn how to do it on their own and help ensure that their incoming adult teeth will get a jump start on a healthy future!

Primary teeth are the teeth we are born with.

Primary teeth help with our speech, development of the oral cavity and the face and the mouth as well as making space for our adult teeth when they come in. Dr. Shiva Basir recommends brushing your child’s teeth at least twice per day; flossing at least once per day and incorporating fluoride.

Helpful Tips

Start in the back and work your way toward the front teeth. Don’t forget the tongue! This helps prevent bad breath and gets rid of a lot of bacteria that could cause it.

Upper East Side Kids Dentist is here to help make you feel comfortable when it comes to your child’s teeth. We like to think of it as a fun activity with them rather than a chore. Make a game out of it or sing a song to them to help them remember the steps. It can be a positive bonding experience all while knowing your child are doing something that is good for them!

Your New York dentist is available to help if you have any question or concerns regarding your child’s teeth.

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