Brush, Book, Bed: Making Healthy Habits

Through a new initiative called the Brush, Book, Bed program, the American Academy of Pediatrics urges parents and guardians to inculcate in their children the habit of brushing their teeth, develop a reading culture and establish a regular bedtime routine. The...

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Talk to Dr. Basir about Child Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea is one among a myriad of breathing-related sleep disorders. According to Dr. Basir of Upper East Side Kids Dentist in Manhattan, NY, obstructive sleep apnea in children occurs when airways muscle relax and collapse while your child is asleep....

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Using Sealants to Protect Children’s Teeth

Many children lack proper brushing technique, so Dr. Basir recommends the use of dental sealants as an important safeguard against cavities in areas that are particularly prone to them. Here are some things that our Upper East Side Kids Dentist team would like to pass...

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Preventing Dental Problems Through Diet

Eating healthy food is good for your child’s teeth and their entire body. Consuming too many foods and drinks that are filled with sugar like candies, soft drinks, cookies, fruit juices, and pastries can lead to an elevated risk of tooth decay and gum disease. To...

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Tips for Teething

Primary tooth eruption or teething is the emergence of your child’s “baby” teeth. Many parents anxiously await the first sign of teeth, but some children may not get their first tooth until around their first birthday! It is completely normal and healthy to see...

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